Review RAVPower Deluxe External Battery CHARGER 13000mAh Portable, Great power supply

A week ago. I'm looking for information on the RAVPower Deluxe External Battery CHARGER 13000mAh Portable Power Bank Pack, so i have to tell.

RAVPower Deluxe External Battery CHARGER

Ismart Charging Port Compatibility maximized. Not all charging ports are created equal. Standard ports only communicate effectively with particular devices like Apple OR Android often limiting their recharge rate. But with Ismart technology each port intelligently identifies your device to speak its unique charging language. So plug in any brand or model and enjoy compatibility .... Read more or Check Price

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I love this product I 'm not looking for outlets or I fear my mobile device run out of juice during the trip. With its high-power amplifier is loaded quickly my devices by Scott

This is my backup charger for my phone in case I forget to charge it before going somewhere. I love it I wish they had a slimmer design but it's still impressive. ) by ashe

This saves a lot of power and pumps out hard. My only problem is with my solar panel ( syntactic s5 ). Do you charge this. by Jake

This is a great accessory. I was able to upload my Moto X 3 times on a single charge and still had residual charge. It will also charge your tablet Dell Venue. by Customer

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