Fijit Friends Yippits Patter Figure, It hops all over the place and can be kind ... in my opinion

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the Fijit Friends Yippits Patter Figure (Pink), so i have to tell.

Fijit Friends Yippits Patter Figure (Pink)

Fijit Friends Yippits Collection Girls who loved Fijit Friends will love the innovative nurturing play of Fijit Friends Yippits. These dynamic dancing pets perform tricks when you play with them so girls can nurture teach tricks and discover the spontaneous play that comes with the fun unpredictability of Yippits. With an innovative clap sensor Yippits deliver on the responsive .... Read more or Check Price

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You jump all over and can be kind of loud but my daughter is thrilled with it and seems to work well . by Kaila Schnackenberg

Nice toy movement. It is influenced by the number of your applause. And ' adorable toy for children around 3 6 years. by FEEL

I really liked this article. Shipped very fast and it was easy to understand how to use. I know my daughter will love it when she gets on Christmas Day. by kimsmom122607

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